Innovation  &  Technology in Semiotics

Semiotics is a science of symbols and symbolic systems. Words are symbols. Data are symbols. Ideas and meanings are conveyed in symbols. Information and knowledge are represented in symbols. Semantics is a semiotic system representing the meaning in communication. Technologies of semiotics process symbolic systems with the lexicon, syntax and semantics of symbols used in information communication.

Your Need

The effective information management is competitive advantage. The ever-growing data requires intelligent metadata operations. The wealth of textual information calls for machine understanding and cross-lingual processing. Failure to have the relevant information in hand at the moment of need is the serious hidden cost in business decision and services. The problem becomes more and more challenging as information resources grow. Intelartes helps sort out the valuable information in natural language descriptions and deliver in semantic terms.

Our Solution

Intelartes solutions target intelligent operations in information collection, organization, analysis and translation to enable timely search, relevant delivery, meaningful presentation, multilingual data interoperability.
Intelartes technology service

- Extracts information from texts,
- Interprets their meanings,
- Translate their meanings
- Matches them semantically
Intelartes engineering services

- Full life-cycle knowledge engineering
- Application-specific component assembly
- Requirement-specific customisation

Your benefits

Intelartes creates added values of textual data from the web or existing data and contents repository, in the form of metadata or structured data in information management.


You collect meaningfully the data and contents, by building their semantic metadata from narratives in them or about them, with or without specific metadata schemas.
You organise meaningfully your data and contents with semantics derived from narratives, as well as the metadata and semantics defined a priori. You discover meaningfully the hidden correlations in the data and contents in terms of semantics about them.
You search meaningfully your data and contents, with relevance to the specific user and context information captured from narratives in or about them. You deliver meaningfully the data and contents by semantic tags, in addition to the existing metadata and semantics defined a priori.
You interoperate meaningfully over your multilingual data and contents or collaboratively with other providers, through the interpretation and translation of multilingual semantics. Intelartes listens to your information needs and customizes knowledge bases of languages, domain and application semantics, by its methodology and productivity tools.
You have tailor-made solutions
- with a dedicated assembly of 
  technological components in natural
  language processing, text analytics and
  semantics processing
- additional functionalities by the SOA

Information Collection
, Exploration and Delivery, Effective
with Semantics and Multilinguality