Innovation  &  Technology in Semiotics

Intelartes operates its knowledge-based application engines as software services to the existing customer information system. Their intelligent behaviour is driven by the Knowledge Base. Its contents can be likened to the fuel, refined from Knowledge Resources in the process of Knowledge Refinery. Intelartes provides services of Knowledge Refinery for the complete lifecycle of knowledge engineering according to the application needs.

Knowledge Resources

The knowledge resources are resources for knowledge engineering, such as dictionaries, linguistic corpora, grammars, requirements analysis protocols, official directives or legislations, trade or industry standards, literature of domain expertise and professional certification.

For example, in the domain of employment, OECD’s key competence framework, UK’s national occupational standards and framework for higher education qualification, the ROME from ANEP about job classification and description, CIGREF Nomenclature, European Certification of Informatics Professionals, Skills Framework for the Information Age from SFIA foundation, COLO from the Netherlands, UK, the American and EU code of economic sectors and activities.

Knowledge Refinery

The Knowledge Refinery develops and maintains Knowledge Bases from Knowledge Resources with specific tools and in particular processes and methodology of language engineering, knowledge engineering and semantics engineering. It structures and formalizes knowledge in the formalism deployable in a given application engine, such as language engine or semantic engine.

Intelartes provides the full life cycle of offline services of knowledge creation and maintenance in the support of online knowledge-based processing.